Potluck Players

Play List March 12, 2019

After The Goldrush (G)
Galway Girl - . The changes are fast and furious so please spend a little time on it and I suggest practicing it slowly. The song is on the site so please replace with the new chart.
I'm Tired - Savoy Brown - Video
Let It Bleed
Money - Beatles. This will be a fun song for the basses!
Mr Tambourine Man
Such A Simple Thing / Such A Simple Thing (Bass) - Great song by Ray Lamontagne - Video
Wooden Ships - Don't let this chart freak you out. The chords fingerings are easy to play. For instance, you'll play Am9 with one finger on the D string 2nd fret with all other strings open. F/A is an F chord with an A bass (A string open.)

What Is Potluck Players?

Acoustic guitar meetup for players of all abilities and experience. Come and meet friendly, like-minded people to talk, play and learn a few new things, beginners and pro's alike are most welcome. We leave our egos at the door -- it's the music that's the hero.

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