Potluck Players

Play List November 20, 2018

Cats In The Cradle - Video
Chaos And Clothes Revised Chaos And Clothes Bass- Video
Fast Hand
Harvest Moon - if you have time watch this lesson - Video
I Can Tell - Van with Chris Farlowe - Video
Immigration Man - Graham Nash - Video. This is super easy to play. They play in drop D but it can be played in standard tuning.
Long Cool Woman - Alan Clarke rockin' the no undershirt look Video! Lesson video - this is the best one I found with multiple angles. Intro lesson is 5:45 long and then what I'm calling the 1st Creedence riff starts at 5:45 - check that out and then jump to 9:10 to hear them played back to back. Now jump to 15:50 for the 2nd Creedence riff - the way he plays it is a little complicated but if you follow my tab it's much easier. If this is all too challenging you can easily play the song without all the specific riffs because it's pretty straightforward as you can see in the lyric/chord chart.
Ooh La La - this will sound great if we all capo in different places. Capo 3 play A to Bm. Capo 5 play G to Am. Capo 8 E to F#m and for those brave players capo 10 D to Em which sounds like a mandolin. Video Video

What Is Potluck Players?

Acoustic guitar meetup for players of all abilities and experience. Come and meet friendly, like-minded people to talk, play and learn a few new things, beginners and pro's alike are most welcome. We leave our egos at the door -- it's the music that's the hero.

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