Potluck Players


Play List May 21, 2019

Bring It On Home To Me - great version with Tom Jones, Van Morrison, and Jeff Beck - Video
Fall At Your Feet - This is a great Crowded House song and I love Neil Finn's acoustic version. He plays it with a capo but we'll play without it.  Video
Friday I'm In Love - Video
I Wont Back Down - Video
Let It Bleed - Video
Love In Vain - Video
One - Video
Walls - The song is in F but I raised it a whole step to G. Video
With Or Without You - Video

Download The Chart Library As Of April 30, 2019 HERE

Jam Tracks To Play Along With

Wooden Ships Tutorial

For Electric
Stevie Ray track in E - 18 minutes long!
Little Wing track - 14 minutes long - standard tuning. Solo in Em/G

For Acoustic

What Is Potluck Players?

Acoustic guitar meetup for players of all abilities and experience. Come and meet friendly, like-minded people to talk, play and learn a few new things, beginners and pro's alike are most welcome. We leave our egos at the door -- it's the music that's the hero.

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