Bring out the song in your heart.

Develop your musical skill by consulting with professional musicians at SAMS. Contact us to make an appointment.


Guitar - Bass - Ukelele

Meet with Marc “Twang” Intravaia for music lessons. An accomplished and supportive musician, Marc will help you along on your musical journey, beginner or advanced. Gain from his expertise in Rock, Blues, Slide, Pop, & Folk, Acoustic or Electric.

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Vocal Training - Singing Lessons

Meet with Eve Selis and Mattie Mills for vocal lessons. This talented duo will guide you in exercises to strengthen and refine your voice, along with getting every note down for that song you love. Whether performing on stage, or singing in the shower, you will have a beautiful song ready.

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We are pleased to now offer piano lessons with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Learn to glide your fingers along the keys with ease and play a beautiful tune.